Top Neccessities to Survive the Attack

  • A melee weapon. This could be many different things, really it is totally up to you. I recommend an aluminum baseball bat because it is light, is is easy to clean off, and it will do the job if you get within swinging distance of a zombie.

  • Clothing. Now let me specify, I don't mean a nice pair of shorts and a beater, I would recommend something with some padding. Seeing as one of the ways a zombie can infect you is by biting you, if you can find something with enough padding to protect from that then obviously that would be a great deal of help. Although the ideal padding would be a juggernaut suit, this is obviously not very practical. As a general rule, the more layers the better. If you couldn't bite through it, then a zombie cannot either.

  • A mask and glasses. Another way that you could get infected is by getting blood of another infected into your mouth or eyes. A surgical mask and safety glasses is a simple yet effective way to greatly minimize this risk.

  • Primary Weapon. This again is up to you. Do not be naive, your primary weapon choice will be the difference between living the rest of your life as a human or living it as a zombie. Although it may seem cliche', I would get a pump-action shotgun is for you. Do NOT go double barrel, they take a long time to reload, if you have to spend more time reloading than shooting things may become unpleasant for you. Also I don't recommend a semi-auto shotgun. Although they may seem like a good idea, they do have a high recoil while a pump action will be much more accurate. A shotgun has a wide spray and gives you the best chance is hitting multiple targets. It also has the advantage of being pretty mobile. You could also have a sawed off or short barrel shotgun. Pros: Wider spread of bullets, smaller so lighter and easier to carry. Con: Less range. This is totally a preference.

  • Food and Water. Pretty basic on this one, you will need enough food and water to keep you alive as long as possible. Bottled water is a must, that way you know it is clean and has no trace of the infection in it. For food you will want non-perishables. That means canned goods and other things with either a very long or no expiration date. You will also need to make sure that you can eat whatever it is with little to no preperation. Optimally, you would have a lot of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) that the military uses. You simply have to add water to these.

  • A Saferoom. You need somewhere to go to be safe. A place to, if nothing else, be able to sleep without being attacked. This would constitute as something that has no windows, or very secure ones. It would have a few ways in and out with secure doors. Secure=a good deadbolt lock at least, not some door that has 2x4's nailed over it. This is not very elaborate, but really the details of your safehouse will be entirely up to you. The most important thing of any saferoom, is that its is SAFE. Honestly, the simpler the better.

  • A wingman. Basically, you need someone who has your back and someone you can trust. You need to make sure that this person will not slow you down, and you will not slow them down either. A wingman is the most important factor in living long-term through a zombie attack. After losing everything you know and everyone you love, you will need to at least hold on to your sanity. This will be impossible without being able to share the load.


The Truth Behind The Blog

Zomblog: The Truth Behind The Blog

The idea for Zomblog came to me while watching one of my favorite zombie films, "Dawn Of The Dead".

Watching, thinking, wondering... What if it were me. Where would I go, who would I go with, what would I take, and what would I leave behind? I will go through all of these in depth one at a time...hope you enjoy and possibly learn a bit for when the end of the world hits and we face the living dead.